Blossom looks very simple, how will I manage my projects?
Blossom lets you focus on what matters and supports you in taking the right action, at the right time.

Blossom boards give you the context of what’s happening, who’s involved, what to focus on, if something is ready for the next stage, and if something is blocked or finished.

You can create projects, visualize your work, define custom stages, add cards, establish a continuous workflow, view key metrics and reports, and integrate it all with your existing tools (like Slack, Hipchat, Github, and more).

Are there any workflow best practices for Blossom?

  • Check out the Blossom flow tutorial for our recommended workflow best practices.
  • Also, have a look at our agile best practices to get the most out of Blossom for your product development team.

Why Blossom over Trello/Asana/JIRA/etc?
At Blossom, we focus on helping product teams effectively build software.

Blossom is kept easy-to-use, lean, and out-of-the-way and integrates with the tools you already love:

On top of this, we take care of automated email reporting and one-click metrics for you.

Can I run Sprints/Iterations?
Yes. Each time your sprint ends, simply add new cards to your backlog and move your remaining cards to the first stage of your workflow (i.e. your backlog).

Using the Time-in-Process chart, you can identify cycle time outliers and bottlenecks in your workflow.

We recommend moving toward a pull-based system where you can deliver continuous value.

Can I generate reports with Blossom?
Yes. We automatically generate a number of key metrics:

  • Cards Shipped
  • Time-in-Process Chart
  • Recently Shipped Cards
  • Cycle Time Outliers

Also, we have a number of email reports:

  • Daily Briefing
  • Monthly Report
  • Weekly Report
  • Quarterly Report

Easily identify bottlenecks and blockers in your process using our analytics best practices.

To create your own custom reports, check out our API.

Can I connect Blossom with Slack?
Yes. Check out the Blossom Slack integration.
Can I connect Blossom with Github?
Yes. Currently, our Github integration allows you to add Github Branches to feature cards.

Coming soon – Github Issues, smart commits.

Can I connect Blossom with Bitbucket?
No, but we’re planning to going forward. Check out our Github integration in the meantime.
Is there a Blossom API?
Yes. Check out the Blossom API.