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A GitHub Integration
like you’ve never seen before

A lot of work on software projects happens away from your project management tool. GitHub is one of those places where a lot of value actually gets created. This is why we’ve built a very tight integration with GitHub so you don’t have to manually update your coding progress all the time. Blossom understands feature branches and pull requests and keeps everyone in the loop.

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Slack Integration

We send the most important activities from your Blossom projects over to Slack. Every time something interesting happens in your project we send a message to your channel. Notifications that will show up in your Slack channel are things like cards that got created, blocked or moved, screenshots you’ve uploaded as well as comments that you’ve posted.

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HipChat Integration

Our HipChat integration is a very seamless way to get informed about important things in times when you are away from Blossom. Every time something important happens inside of your project on Blossom it will also get posted to your team's group chat.

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Flowdock Integration

As we see more and more software teams who work in a distributed or semi-distributed way excellent group chat tools really become an essential part of everyone’s day to day workflow. That’s why we’ve added an integration with Flowdock that sends you the most important activities from your Blossom projects over to your Flowdock Flow.

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Blossom makes it super easy to see who is working on what and why. Ideal for Teams that ship early & often.

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Project Visibility

Easily grasp the current state of a project, what you’ve achieved so far and what’s coming next.

Manage the bigger Picture with Roadmaps

Product Roadmaps are among the most important documents of your business. They are the place where your Product Strategy lives and evolves. You can easily share Product Roadmaps with everyone in your Product Team.

High-Level Digests about What’s actually going on

Staying up to date with the development process is essential for every individual in product teams. That’s why we’ve added Daily Email Digests for you.

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Email Notifications

To improve awareness about what's going on in a Project we've added Email Notifications for Comments on Feature Cards. This was a highly requested feature by distributed teams and we are very glad to have it in.


Easily identify bottlenecks and improve efficiency with insightful performance analytics.

Performance Analytics & Insights

When you continuously release improvements of your product it helps to understand how long a feature took from inception until delivery. That's why we've added cycle time performance analytics to Blossom to help you identify outliers and other useful insights for team retrospectives.

Cycle Time of Feature Cards

For product teams it is very useful to get a feeling about how long a feature takes from inception until it gets delivered. A feature starts to generate value as soon as it lands in the hands of your customer. That's why Blossom now shows you the cycle time on every completed feature card.

Try Blossom today.
It’s free for 14 Days.

Blossom makes it super easy to see who is working on what and why. Ideal for Teams that ship early & often.

Free 14 Day Trial

Lightweight and fun to use

From great Typography to sensible defaults, Blossom is built with simplicity in mind.

File Attachments

Share UI Mockups, Screenshots, Videos, Audio Recordings and all other important files with your fellow team members without any hassle. No more searching through email inboxes or Dropbox folders. Just drag & drop the file you want to share into an opened card and it will get uploaded for you. As simple as that.


Checklists are a great way to organize work in a card by splitting it up into smaller parts and to keep overview of your accomplishments. You can assign different team members via @name to collaborate on a card and by hovering an item you can view the information when a task has been created by whom.

Beautiful Project Screen Grabs

You can add the URL of your product website to a project and we'll take a screen grab for you so that we can display your product in the best possible way. After all it is your product, not just a generic project.

Retina Support

Blossom comes with first-class support for displays with high pixel density. Managing your Products feels as detailed & crisp as possible.

What makes us different?

Product Development should be collaborative, effective & easy. Why our customers chose Blossom.

How does Blossom compare to Pivotal Tracker?

Blossom’s main focus is to bring everyone of your team on the same page. Built with Engineers, Designers and Marketing people in mind.

Blossom visualizes the flow of your features from inception until delivery and helps to identify roadblocks & bottlenecks along the way. Time-boxed release cycles get a thing of the past. From now on you can ship releases to your customers as soon as possible, on a continuous basis.

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How does Blossom compare to JIRA Agile?

Blossom comes simple out of the box and with everyone of your team in mind. It is the perfect tool for seamless team communication among all involved stakeholders. On top of that we’ve added tight integrations with GitHub, HipChat, Flowdock and Slack.

Learn more about how Blossom compares to JIRA Agile by Atlassian

How does Blossom compare to Trello?

With Blossom we focus on providing a great tool for people who care about their products. We strive to truly understand the needs and challenges of product teams better than any other company in order to provide the best product management solution on the market. We integrate with services like GitHub, HipChat, Flowdock and Slack and add new integrations regularly to make your workflow even smoother. If you are a product manager, designer, engineer or marketer you will immediately feel at home.

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Try Blossom today.
It’s free for 14 Days.

Blossom makes it super easy to see who is working on what and why. Ideal for Teams that ship early & often.

Free 14 Day Trial