About us

We create an environment that lets you focus on building products people love.

Product teams are the ones who shape our future.

Blossom is a lightweight project management service for software teams. It supports you
in taking the right action at the right time in the day-to-day of creating software.

We strive to do everything we can to enable our customers to deliver outstanding
software products and services. This is what makes us get up every morning.

We think long-term. Whether it is about our customers, technology, platform, design,
partners or product decisions we take time to contemplate what decisions mean going forward.

We believe in the potential of distributed teams. It’s incredibly fascinating how
working on software enables us to contribute from wherever we are.

"The future is already here — it's just not evenly distributed."
William Gibson
Thomas Schranz
Thomas Schranz
Founder & CEO
Allan Berger
Allan Berger
Founder & COO
Gerry Claps
Gerry Claps
VP of Customer Success
Monica Pang
Monica Pang
VP of Customer Success
Sebastian Göttschkes
Sebastian Göttschkes
VP of Platform

Join us

We are building the next generation of intelligent developer tools.
Solving problems forms the core
of what we do. Join us.

Visit us in our labs

We are located right in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District 20 Mission,
and in Vienna’s finest coworking spaces Stockwerk & Sektor5.

They provide the ideal environment for people who build amazing things.

If you are around just drop by and have a beer, coffee or tea with us!

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Our core values

Empathy. Focus. Impute. Kaizen. Humility.