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Why choose Blossom?

Reasons why Pivotal Tracker Users chose the intelligent Kanban Board.

Continuous Delivery

Blossom visualizes the flow of your features from inception until delivery and helps to identify roadblocks & bottlenecks along the way. Further you are able to eliminate waste, increase throughput as well as dramatically reduce defects. Blossom leads to shortening your cycle times toward a continuous flow to get fast and continuous feedback on what users care about. Time-boxed release cycles get a thing of the past.

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Predict the Future

Say goodbye to inaccurate estimations. Predict the shipping dates of your upcoming features based on historic performance data from our in-depth performance analysis tools. Further, the automatically generated metrics help you to prevent future problems and provide you the information you need to optimize your current flow and maximize efficiency.

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Built with Everyone on your Team in Mind

Invite marketing, sales, business development, customer support and every other involved stakeholder to collaborate directly with engineering, user experience & design. Blossom is built with everybody on your team in mind.

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A GitHub Integration
like you’ve never seen before

A lot of work on software projects happens away from your project management tool. GitHub is one of those places where a lot of value actually gets created. This is why we’ve built a very tight integration with GitHub so you don’t have to manually update your coding progress all the time. Blossom understands feature branches and pull requests and keeps everyone in the loop.

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Seamless Team Communication

Our integrations with HipChat, Flowdock and Slack are very seamless ways to get informed about important things in times when you are away from Blossom. Every time something important happens inside of your project on Blossom it will also get posted to your team's group chat.

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Blossom makes it super easy to see who is working on what and why. Ideal for Teams that ship early & often.

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