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team collaboration with Flowdock.

Stay on top of Project Updates

You can connect your individual Blossom projects to Flowdock Flows. Once connected we will send a message to your Flowdock Flow every time something interesting happens in your project. This way you can stay on top of useful things like added comments, file attachments, completion of checklist items and card movements.

Learn how to connect your Flowdock Flow with Blossom

Ready Cards

Flowdock will notify you when important events happen. For example if a feature you are working on is finished and ready to be deployed you can just mark the card as ready to let everyone know.

Blocked Cards

Whenever someone in your team encounters a problem that is blocking progress on a feature just mark the card as blocked to let your team know about it in your Flowdock Flow.

Updates on the go

Stay informed about important events in times when you are away from Blossom with the mobile push notification support of the Flowdock apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Flowdock Notifications via GitHub Commit Messages

We want to keep your workflow as smooth as possible. Easily make card updates via commit message straight out of your development environment and we’ll automatically send notifications to your Flowdock flow to keep everyone in the loop. Commit message actions can be such as blocking cards, marking cards as ready for the next stage or checking card items. Going forward we are regularly adding more commit actions to make your workflow even smoother.

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