A GitHub integration like
you’ve never seen before.

Always up to date

Keeping everyone up to date on progress & potential blockers is hard, especially when it comes to what’s going on in your code base. This is why we’ve built an incredibly tight integration with GitHub. You don’t have to change your current workflow. Blossom — your intelligent Kanban Board — just magically understands things like GitHub issues, feature branches & pull requests and shows you what you need to know.

Branch Activity

Blossom automatically tracks GitHub Branches for you. This means you don’t need to manually update Blossom every time you commit to a Branch. Every card in Blossom shows a brief summary of what’s going on in related Branches. Just one glance and you know exactly what’s going on. Who’s on it? When was the last update? How far has the branch diverged from master? …

Pull Request Support

Pull Requests are extremely important events in the lifecycle of a card. Whenever a Pull Request is opened in GitHub it means that a significant chunk of work got completed and is ready to be reviewed. Blossom understands the current status of Pull Requests & makes it super easy to see what’s going on. You are just one click away to view the diff and start your code review.

GitHub Activity in Daily Email Digests

Our daily email digests are a great way to stay up to date with what’s going on inside of Blossom. But a lot of progress usually happens in other areas like in your actual code base. Once you’ve activated our GitHub integration we will automatically include your development progress in our daily email digests. Better daily digests, more visibility. No manual updates needed.

Learn more about staying on top of things using High-Level Digests

Block Cards via Commit Message

Sometimes when you are implementing a feature you might run into a blocker. This can be anything from an API not behaving as expected to a heisenbug or an issue with the design specification that wasn’t discovered earlier. In these situations it is extremely valuable to explicitly mark a card as blocked to make others aware so the situation can be resolved as soon as possible.

Close Checklist Items via Commit Messages

Another advantage of our GitHub integration is that you can close checklist items of a card using commit messages. The great thing here is that Blossom will automatically add a reference to your commit and show it inline. Also when you hover over the reference you will see a tooltip with the meta information of your commit. Again, no context switching needed.

Support for GitHub Issues

Often implementations you are working on are related to GitHub issues. Whether it is about Issues of your own GitHub projects or if you just want to reference a known bug of an open source library. That’s why it was very important to us that referencing GitHub Issues is as easy as pasting a link into a comment. Once you’ve referenced a GitHub Issue in Blossom we will display a brief summary of it and automatically notify you about important changes.

Codebase Activity Reports

In addition to adding your code base activity to Blossom’s daily email digests we’ve also worked on exclusive higher level summaries. You will receive regular summaries about important code base changes on a weekly and monthly basis. These reports list the overall activity, pull requests that happened, the people involved and important changes like upgrading a library or switching to another framework.

Connecting GitHub with Blossom

To enable the GitHub integration with Blossom simply go to your project settings and connect your GitHub account. In the same overlay you can choose the repositories you want to connect and then immediately start linking GitHub Branches to cards and enjoy all the features listed above with everybody in your team.

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