Copying Cards in Blossom

Copy Cards - Blossom Update

Sometimes you need to copy a card from one board to another. It could be a dependency, an idea or something you just need to get done. With Blossom, you can now copy cards (and all of their contents) across project boards. To copy a card to another project board, first open the card, then click the… continue reading

Take a look at Blossom’s new Integration with Slack

Take a look at Blossom’s Integration with Slack

Agile Project Management meets team chat of the 21st century. Seamless team communication is key to building great products. Slack is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind to make your team communication challenges a thing of the past. Whether your team is co-located or distributed around the world Slack has you covered.… continue reading

Take a Look at our new HipChat Integration

Take a Look at our new HipChat Integration

Group chat plays an essential role in the day of many product teams. Especially for distributed teams it often builds the backbone for communication. That’s why we set out to build the best HipChat integration for product teams out there. Here is what we came up with. What is HipChat? HipChat is a simple group… continue reading