Copying Cards in Blossom

Written by Gerry Claps, VP of Customer Success at Blossom
Copy Cards - Blossom Update

Sometimes you need to copy a card from one board to another. It could be a dependency, an idea or something you just need to get done. With Blossom, you can now copy cards (and all of their contents) across project boards.

Copying Cards Part 1

To copy a card to another project board, first open the card, then click the triple dots in the top right corner, click ‘Copy this Card’ and select which project board you want to copy it to. All of your card’s details will transfer across to the other board, automatically.

Card Copying Part 2

Here are some ways you can make card copying work for your team:

  • Product teams: Move cards from your idea collection board to your development board when they’re ready to be worked on.
  • Agencies: Have one board for your clients and another for your internal work.
  • Software teams: If a released feature has a bug, copy across this feature to a bug board to maintain context.
  • Personal kanban: Copy personal tasks over to a team board when you need your team’s help.

If a different workflow works for your team, we’d love to know in the comments below!