Product Roadmaps

At Blossom, we believe that Product Roadmaps are critical to helping teams develop software that people want. So we made it really easy to keep your Product Roadmap in front of the whole team.

On a Project Board page:

  1. Click “Add Roadmap …”.
  2. Type your Product Roadmap link.
  3. Click the “Set Roadmap” button.


Done! Now everyone in the team can see the Product Roadmap.

Roadmap Set

Best Practices for Product Roadmaps

There is no single way to create a product roadmap.

However, the general consensus among product managers is that a great product roadmap focuses on:

  • A mission
  • Establishing metric-based goals
  • Being theme-focused (over being feature-focused)
  • Having near and long-term plans
  • Constant prioritization

The Lean Startup is a framework that helps teams develop a customer-oriented product, through continuous building, testing and iterating. This framework is a great start toward developing a product roadmap that will result in growing your product.

To keep your team aligned, we suggest using the concept of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). OKRs are used in many startups, including Google and Twitter, and help companies define and track objectives and their outcomes. By setting objectives and key results across your organization, people can autonomously work on whatever they need to, to reach their objectives and key results.