High-Level Digests

Always on top of things.

Your Personal Assistant

We know that manual reports are very time consuming. That’s why we sum the most important things of your progress up and send it automatically into your inbox. Daily email digests are a powerful tool to know what’s going on and if something important happened in the last 24 hours.

No manual updates needed. No email reports to send about your progress. Blossom has you covered.

Know what’s been delivered

Achievements should be celebrated. That’s why we show you the cards that have successfully reached the last stage of your board. The Card Journey additionally shows you the information how long each card took to flow through from the first until the last stage. This can be a helpful indicator to estimate how long a similar card would take to be developed in the future.

In sync on any Place of the Planet

Different locations and different timezones are a challenge to stay in sync. Daily email digests provide a quick summary to every team member of what happened while you were away from Blossom.

Handy for Standup Meetings

The daily digest email explicitly shows you relevant information of your projects. Use it as a simple & handy report for your standup meetings.

New Discussions & File Uploads

The daily email digest shows you updates and achievements on cards where you are involved in and updates on cards where your team members are working on. It also shows you a summary of all discussions in the last 24 hours or if somebody just shared a quick thought, emotion or wanted to give a heads up about something in a card.

Task Updates

For detailed information about progress in a card you also see what tasks have been checked off and which have been newly added.

Ready Cards

The digest shows you if a card is done in the current stage of the process and that it is ready to be pulled into the next stage as soon as a free slot gets available. The green "Ready" indicators are helpful to create a smooth and continuous workflow.

Blocked Cards

Blockers slow delivery down and should be resolved as soon as possible. That’s why the digest shows you blocked cards and if provided, it also shows you the reason why a card is being blocked. Adding a reason for a blocker provides better context for your teammates and can help to resolve the blocker faster. You can also easily grasp in which stage of the progress the card is currently stuck.

GitHub Activity

Because most of your work happens in your code base and not in your project management tool Blossom automatically list your GitHub activity and development progress in your daily digests. This happens even if you forgot to log in to Blossom because you were deep in your code base. No manual updates needed.

New Team Members

The digest also shows you team members that have been newly added to a board and you can connect with them on social platforms or other services right away.

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